Hier nun endlich das Interview mit Deon Meyer, auch diesmal wieder auf english „abgedruckt“, ich hoffe das ist der richtige Weg und es bedarf keiner Übersetzung. Besonders interessant finde ich die geplante Verfilmung von 13 Stunden, den erwähnten Hauptdarsteller Sean Bean jedenfalls kann ich mir sehr gut vorstellen als Benny Griessel.


1.)Hello Deon, thank you for taking your time to chat with me. Your new book Cobra released a few months ago and it is another great piece of thriller writing.
Benny Griessel is again the main character and it looks like he is your favorite character. What is the reason for that?

Thank you for the kind Cobra comments. Characters are like children — I love them all equally, and honestly don’t have favourites. It just seems that stories fin Benny easier than deny of my other creations.

2.)On the book tour event I’ve visited in Dormagen you’ve told that there are plans for a movie. Could you tell me a bit more of these plans? Who would be the perfect actor to play Benna?

The film rights to THIRTEEN HOURS has been sold to a major movie company, but the process of actually making the film is inscrutable, and often pretty slow. However, it does look like they will go into production in the next twelve months. British actor Sean Bean has been tied to the project, and he is such a hugely talented man that I’m sure he will be a great Benny.

3.)As I’ve read on your facebook site you’re working on the next Griessel story. You’re doin a lot of interviews in the scene for your stories. Seems like you’re working all day. Tell me a little biut of the next book „Ikarus“, only a little bit.

When Captain Benny Griessel is called into investigate a multiple homicide, it pushes him close to breaking point – a former friend and detective colleague has shot his wife and two daughters, then killed himself. He has to survive, and the only way he knows how, is to hit the bottle again. Hard.

But his help is required to investigate a high profile murder of a graphic designer and MD of a new tech startup, whose body was discovered buried in the sand dunes north of Cape Town. Can Benny pull together the strands of his life in time to catch the killer?

4.)I’ve read in the news Africa is the new number one of thriller writings after all these books from Scandinvia in the last years. What is the reason for that?

I really don’t know. And I have a sneaking suspicion that the news got it wrong. Africa will need a super-bestseller like Stieg Larsson to turn it into the ‘new Scandinavia’.

5.)Why is your main genre Thriller? Are you influenced by any other author?

Perhaps we all have a natural niche when it comes to telling stories. Mine happens to be thrillers, probably because I fell in love with the genre at a fairly young age. My great influences were Ed McBain, and John D. McDonald.

6.) You are writing your books in your native language Afrikaans, a very powerful language which allows you to express things in a very vibrant way. How do you see the future of Afrikaans?

The future of Afrikaans is irrevocably tied to the future of South Africa. Even though the language is really blooming in terms of literature, film, music and theatre, it will only survive if our country and our democracy continues to survive and grow.

6.) South Africa is still a rough country with a lot of crime tourist’s are not affected with, but it changed a lot in the last years. How do you think about the progress in the fight against crime in the last years?

The South African Police Service has made huge progress against tremendous odds, but political, geo-political, and socio-economic circumstances continue to present new and bigger challenges . Further — and more effective — progress will be determined by the success of our government, and not by the police.

7.)You like spending your time in the Loxton, a small town in the Karoo. I’ve heard about the „I Am Living Trust“ in Loxton which is supported by you. Would you please tell me a little bit more of it and what interested people in Europe can do to support trusts like that?

Changing lives, creating opportunities: The I Am Living Trust is non-profit initiative by the people of Loxton, focused on the disadvantaged children of our town. Feeding schemes, a reading programme, better education through adequate numbers of teachers and classrooms, special projects to stimulate, motivate and educate our children – these are our priorities. To reach our goals, and create a better future for these children, we need financial support, and would be extremely grateful for every Euro donated.

8.) I’ve seen a lot of german tourist’s in Cape Town and at the coast at my last visits, for a german guy like me a little bit too much if I’m coming to a foreign country to visit. Why do you think especially germans like to come to South Africa?

Right now, I’d say the sunshine …

9.) Finally I want to know which is your favourite south african rugby team, author and music and which sports, books and music from outside Europe you like. Just tell me…..

I have a soft spot for the Free State Cheetahs, but they have been pretty disappointing these past few years. My favourite South African author is Marlene van Niekerk. Music: Lize Beekman.


Deon Meyer und ich bei der Lesung in Dormagen, kurz nachdem ich mir „Cobra“ habe signieren lassen…